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      • Thanks once again. I would like to correct my stance. So please pin-point the areas where I have gone wrong. Have I misqouted anything against the founder of Jamaa’t e Islami? Are the referred/scanned pages not written by Maududi Sahib? If not, challenge me. But if I have quoted them precisely then how could any sensible person derive a different meaning from the one I have understood? Dear brother, welcome to the world of bitter truth!

  2. Maududi’s literature spreading violence! And reference comes as ‘Al Jihad Fil Islam’.!!!!!!
    Hope You read it or didn’t you?

  3. Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh is a terrorist outfit like Taleban, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood. Bangladesh hanged one of it’s war criminals Butcher of Mirpur Kader Mullah yesterday. Jamaat is drawing it’s support from BNP led by a illiterate lady who openly sided with the killer Mullahs of Jamaat and supported them even when Jamaat was persecuting the minorities in Bangladesh.
    Jamaat gets its funds from Saudi Arabia and it is alleged that Tarek Rahman, the son of Khaleda Zia of BNP has close links with the fascist killers of Jamaat. Unfortunately, Tarek is now using London as a hub to spread fascist jihadist Islam in Bangladesh and elsewhere. The whole family of Khaleda Zia and her party are run by Jamaat money. Due to strict international money laundering monitoring Jamaat is now trying to send gold bars from the Middle East to its terrorists to wage a civil war in Bangladesh.

  4. Today is 14th of December. On his day in 1971, Jamaat let loose a reign of terror at Dhaka University killing hundreds of intellectuals of Dhaka University. The Jamaat used it’s students wing as death squads to accomplish it’s killing mission just before the country became independent on the 16th of December, 1971. Similarly, today on the 14th of December, 2013 it again has unleashed it’s death squads like the sleeper cells of Al Qaeda to torch alive bus loaded with passengers and destroy public and private property indiscriminately. Jamaat is anti-Islamic terrorist organization engaged in spreading violent perverted Islam all across the globe. This demonic Satan must be annihilated at any cost once and for all.

  5. Mawdudi’s core argument is that Islam has a ruling system that must be established. I don’t think there has been a single classical scholar in 1400 years of Islam that has denied that. As for the law of apostasy, it is another classical opinion that most scholars have agreed upon, though how it strictly it should be applied has been a matter of disagreement. What you are quoting here is Islam pure and simple, maybe not the best quotes, but Islam nonetheless. I am not defending the Jamaat, just countering the seeming pro-secularism of your blog. Please forgive me if I’m mistaken, and Allah knows better.

    • Thank you for your comments Scattered Pearls! I am quoting from the Holy Quran to reply your first part. Allah has categorically mentioned that the sole duty of the Holy Prophet(sa) is to deliver the divine message, not to capture the State power. Please refer to Sura Maida, verse 99; Sura Noor, verse 54; Sura Nahl, verse 82, Sura Shura, verse 48. This is not confined to the Holy Prophet Muhammad(sa) only, rather Allah has summed up the sole duty of all the Prophets as the same i.e. to deliver the message only. Please refer to Sura Nahl, verse 35. Please read the article ‘The duty is to deliver only’.
      Apostasy in Islam is a spiritual crime and as such it will be dealt with spiritually in the hereafter. This stance is clearly proven by the Holy Quran. The site contains a detailed write-up on this.
      As far as countering our pro-secular stance is concerned please go through the Bangla article ‘Islam & Religious Neutrality of the State’ and of course the recent posts on the Charter of Medina. By secularism, we mean State’s neutrality in the matters of faith. Thanks. And keep browsing our site.

  6. The verses you refer to are about not forcing people to accept Islam, and comforting the Prophet (pbuh) that his only job is to convey the message to them, and he is not responsible for making them accept it. Your interpretation that it also means that the Prophet should not seek political power is extrapolating the issue, and it is proven false through what the hadith tell us about the Prophet’s life. He went from tribe to tribe not only spreading Islam, but demanding that they take the word of Allah and His Messenger as their deciders in all affairs. All tribes refused this accept the people of Yathrib, and thus the Prophet established political authority in Madinah. This is where the Islamic Shariah began to be revealed, so Muslims could know how to govern themselves. After the death of the Prophet, the Righteous Khalifas took up political authority and continued to rule based on the Quran and Hadith, the words of Allah and His Messenger. We are instructed to do the same to this day. So basically, the Prophet did seek political authority over Muslims, but did not force Islam on anyone. Bangladesh is a Muslim land, thus the Shariah should rule over Bangladesh.

    If what you mean by secularism is that Muslims should treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of their faith, then I’m with you. But if you mean that governments can rule in contravention to the laws of the Quran and Sunnah (allow interest banking, abandon Islamic penal code, allow for the proliferation of public drunkenness or lewdness, not establish the system of Zakah, basically deviate in anyway from the comprehensive system the our Creator has given us for our collective problems) then I humbly disagree.

    Thank you for your kind reply by the way, may Allah reward you for your good manners. These are important issues that need to be talked about, but too often people are just screaming at eachother instead of having a real discussion.

    Btw. I am conflicted on the issue of apostasy, and have heard the evidences of both sides of the argument. I am not taking a position on it, just saying that Mawdudi was not alone in his support of it, it is the standard Islamic position.

    Forgive me for my wall of text, and thanks again.

    • I quoted from the Holy Quran, the supreme authority and the pivotal cord of Islam. The acts of the Holy Prophet cannot contradict the Quranic teachings. Any apparent contradiction derived from his acts is simply a misinterpretation.
      Secularism has one single meaning. And that is to ensure absolute social justice. And to ensure that, the State has to be absolutely neutral in the matters of faith and belief.

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