4 comments on “Distortion of Islamic history by Maududi and the real facts

  1. At first Read Quiran with meaning and write for Islam. Or ALLAH to give to you finished. I read Quran and Hadis, so, I don’t believe your things. something wrong for your write here.

    • Yes and thank you for reminding the basics of Islam. I fully agree with you to read and understand the meaning of the verses first. I am trying my level best to do exactly that. I would like to agree with Maududi Sahib or any other Scholar for that matter if they preach heir teachings according to the Quranic doctrines and the practice of the Holy Peophet(sa). But unfortunately, in many cases I find serious conflict between the original teachings of Islam and the teachings of the scholars. Thus I have to disagree with them. Sorry, but can’t help it. You are welcome to browse the whole website first and then put your comment next time.

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