7 comments on “Important articles in this website

    • Bon Nargis, Montobber jonno dhonnobad. Ektu dhorjo dhore browse korun. Onekgulo lekha Banglae peye jaben. Motamot dite bhulben na kintu. Agamite aro Bangla lekha deyar antoric ichcha achhe.

  1. WHY CRITICISE the religious people.this is the reason that after fall of Spain, THERE STARTED DOWN FALL OF ISLAM till to day.
    we have HOLLY QURAN and SUNATS, that is all to be followed, pl do not criticise ulmas.
    it is not service but you are helping JEWS AND CHRISTAINS,

    • Thank you brother. I can assure you making the true Islamic teachings public will never cause any harm to Islam or Muslims. Rather it will remind the radical Islamists to come back to their senses. I am sure you have seen the references being given here are also taken from various scholarly works. I am quoting Ulamas who grasped the true essence of Islamic teachings. As far as the radicals are concerned, I am sorry for not being able to make them happy. But you are free to express yourself. Thanks once again.

      • The writer of Nirobartonad,
        You are narrating the history to blame some faithful person.
        But it looks you are bleeding inside with the development of Islamic propaganda world wide.
        Remember our Nazrul Islam the poet of Bengali could not find out the depth of this faith and he exclaimed Islam is touch stone to get changed.No body can find it of any faith but it becomes easiest to smell out the scent.So it is done by your effort.
        Maolana Bhasani,Maolana Thanvi,Maolana Fazlul Haque,Maolana Nomani,Maolana Shafi they are lights in the darkness.You can follow any one of them and say-If I am wrong may I ask pardon.
        That is all.
        If you narrate the history you will find to err is human but your vision must get block to find it in those marvellous characters of any prophet. But I doubt you will shout at the polygamy of the great prophet and multiple datings may be justified.
        At the end God guide.

  2. At first, we as Muslims should practice Islamic behavior, honesty and humanity in our society. But it is very sad that we are totally unable to show Islamic spiritual behavior. It is matter of establishing and following a system. Bangladeshi people are misguided by the family, school and society. We change our mind for our own benefits. True Islamic sentiments make a men to realize peace and progress. When it becomes political, people become afraid of it being ruthless and inhuman. These people are wrong about Islam. Who doesn’t want his life to be disciplined through rules and regulations? What we see in the world at present, is it peaceful? Brother, ask yourself the way which leads to peace.

  3. If any truth came against any ulmas then it helps to spreed and support to JEWS AND CHRISTAINS!!! but i found in these articles as real pictures and fraud to general and very humble people of our country by these so called ULMAS?
    Is this Islam?
    I must say there is no place of false and fraud in Islam.
    Let’s feel the truth and say the truth.
    Islam is very peaceful and easiest way of life and if we accept and follow the real and true Islam, we the Muslim must spreed peace as taught by Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) to the world and others will accept Islam as mankind religious.

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