2 comments on “Rabeta Alam Al Islami

  1. Assalamualaikum, I’m a webdeveloper and I wanted to know, is it 100% HALAL in islam to use human images like male images when it is needed.
    Thanks and waiting for your response.

    • As far as Islam is concerned, it is the complete and most advanced and balanced code of life. Anything beneficial is allowed and permissible in Islam. Any human image which increases the spread of knowledge, which depicts identity, which ensures security, which secures proper history is absolutely permissible and Halal in Islam.
      Have you not seen the two million Hajis going to Hajj every year using their photos in their passports and visa forms? Are they doing a haram deed for Hajj? No, never. Have you not observed the Muslim scholars preaching on TVs? In a movie, there are at least 25 images taken per second. They are teaching and preaching to the people through these images. They are not doing any haram job.
      What has been forbidden in a hadith is a sculpture or picture which is made for the purpose of worshiping or which causes obscenity. Otherwise, there are evidences that Hazrat Muhammad(sa) has himself seen his own image on the mirror. A camera only holds that reflection permanently. If seeing an image temporarily on the mirror is permitted in Islam, how can preserving that image permanently become illegal?
      I hope you have been answered. Only Allah knows best.

      Nirob Artonaad

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