4 comments on “Rendering ‘service towards Islam’

  1. Is this promblematic? that madrasa students are blocking railways, because of the death of one of their comrades? Isn’t this direct action? And a rejection of the mainstream politics which allows the BGB, RAB, and DB to run with impunity. When BGB shoot it seems to be to maintain justice; when anyone else shoots, it’s “terrorism.” Can you comment a little on all this, thanks.

    • BGB, RAB or even the government for that matter does not have the right to kill anyone without going through the due process of law. Whatever has happened has to be investigated neutrally and the responsible people should be taken to task. BUT this does not, repeat, this does not permit the ‘Saviors of Islam’ to ruin public properties and create havoc. You simply cannot serve Islam in an anti-Islamic way, can you?
      You mentioned death of a comrade. Are we talking about theology students or militants here?

      • “Are we talking about theology students or militants here?” I cannot imagine why they would be mutually exclusive. Why do you suppose the students’ and the madrasas’ interpretation of Islam is anti-islamic? What is anti-islamic about it? the destruction of property? Protesting a fellow student’s death?

  2. Yes. This is the exact point. Destruction of public and private properties by the Madrasa students is unacceptable. This tarnishes the image of Islam. They are supposed to be law-abiding, peaceful citizens, provided they follow the true Islamic teachings.

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